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Fun Things to Put on Your Bucket List

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Have you made a bucket list yet? This is something a lot of people put off, or don’t even want to think about because it reminds them of … well, you know.

Chances are, though, those same people have made wills, ensuring the people they love will be taken care of in the event the unthinkable happens.

Why not go one step farther, then, and start working on that bucket list now? After all, it’s all in fun.

Your brain needs plenty of exercise to stay sharp, and letting it rest too long won’t do any good. Why not start off your bucket list, then, with a promise to keep your head muscles strong by learning to speak a new language? Classes or self-study will help keep you sharp upstairs, and in our multicultural age you’ll find plenty of opportunities to interact with people from linguistic backgrounds different from yours. Not only that, if you stick it out and learn to have a conversation in your new language, imagine the inspiration you’ll provide to that grandchild of yours who’s been struggling in Spanish class.

If learning a new language isn’t what you want to do, you can kick off your bucket list with a promise to volunteer as an English instructor to help newcomers to our country and your community learn English. There are plenty of opportunities to do this in large cities and small towns alike.

Next on your list could be a trip to a country you’ve never been to—or to places in the US you’ve always wanted to see. Have you been to the Grand Canyon yet?  What about Williamsburg … Alaska … New York City … or the Grand Ole Opry?

Of course, you can set out to learn a musical instrument, a craft, a sport, or a new skill. Some of the most meaningful items on your bucket list, however, may well concern things you already know or skills you already have. How about making a list of ten important things that may be lost to your family forever if you don’t pass them down to your grandchildren? Watch your grandkids’ faces light up when they learn things, or learn how to do things, they never would have known if not for you. You might even make a pact with the grandkids whereby they promise to pass the same knowledge down to their grandkids when the time comes.

You could devote a whole bucket list to the task of writing your life story.

If you did, you’d probably realize what a rich life you’ve already lived. You might even find you’ve managed to accomplish most of what you would have written down had you put together a bucket list at age 21.

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