Looking Back At Classic Games

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Looking back on a classic game

Do you remember the days of TV when things seemed a lot simpler? You might have had two or three channels to choose from—or maybe just one that came in snowy unless you adjusted the rabbit ears. Even in the early days of cable, chances are you didn’t get many more channels than you had fingers. Some of those channels were multiple affiliates of the same network, so you probably didn’t have a lot of programs to choose from at a time.

Afternoons for many years seemed mainly devoted to soap operas. In the evenings there were comedies, westerns, variety shows, and a bit of everything for the prime-time audience. And for many years in the mornings and early afternoons, it was the game shows that were king.

Jeopardy! has been a prime time phenomenon over the past quarter century, but do you remember when it was a staple of daytime television? The format was similar to the modern version’s but contestants jockeyed to answer questions (or provide questions for answers) valued at only $10 and up. A good payoff from a Jeopardy! game hosted by Art Fleming (Alex Trebek’s predecessor) might have been in the hundreds of dollars, and a multi-time champion might have walked away with a few thousand dollars, not a few million as Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter did more recently.

On the original What’s My Line? a contestant stood to earn $50. On Beat the Clock the stakes were only slightly higher. Prizes on the original Concentration usually weren’t too fancy, and when you think about it, neither was the concept of the show. In fact, it couldn’t have been much simpler.

Maybe that was the appeal of the old-time game shows.

Perhaps they were so compelling because their simplicity helped keep the focus on the game—on providing some fun for contestants, a simple diversion for viewers, and a reflection of life in a simpler time.

That’s not to say there weren’t times game shows put on a bad face. Do you remember Queen for a Day, which all but humiliated some contestants before lavishing them with prizes? What about a teary-eyed contestant dressed like a banana on Let’s Make a Deal who’d just traded a wad of cash for a zonk? A newlywed revealing a secret about his or her spouse best left unmentioned on national TV? Without a doubt you remember the game show scandal of the 1950s powerfully depicted in the movie Quiz Show.

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