Choosing a Medigap Plan

Why do I need a Medigap Plan?

Choosing a Medigap Plan

When turning 65, there are a few different options for senior health insurance. In many cases, a Medigap plan can be a good fit for new enrollees.

Take Sue for example. Sue has a home in Florida, but lives in Illinois for most of the year. She needs to have access to doctors in both areas, so she needs a plan that offers any doctor of her choosing. She decides to get a Medigap Plan C, because Medicare Supplement Insurance gives her the freedom to choose any doctor.

In another situation, Robert has a two sons that have growing families. Realistically, Robert knows his sons would gladly support him if his health ever called for it. However he would like for his sons to build themselves financially before worrying about paying for Robert’s potential hospital bills. He enrolls in a Medigap Plan to ensure that he has added benefits beyond what Original Medicare provides. This offers Robert peace of mind and more time to spend thinking about his taking his grandchildren fishing rather than stressing over financials.

These are just few examples of people selecting a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan as the best option for senior health insurance. For advice on whether or not it is the best option for you, give us a call.

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