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The following is a wrap-up of stories in the news about Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:


The plan for spending has been approved by the Senate and will likely be signed into action by President Obama. Medicare is expected to take some of the brunt of the spending cuts as is Medicaid. These cuts will not be immediate, but seem to be inevitable in the near future. If this happens, beneficiaries will not pay more but physicians and doctors will receive less reimbursement rates for Medicare approved services.


A recent report provides some insight into why Medicare and senior health insurance spending is so high. According to the report, funded by the National Institute on Aging and National Cancer Institute and published in the Annals of Internal Medicare, the trend in patients seeking care from hospital doctors as opposed to primary care physicians leads to repeat trip to emergency clinics for the same ailments. Hospital doctors are more prone to discharge sick patients due to constraints on time and space.

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