When can I buy a Medigap Policy?

7 Ways you might qualify for guaranteed issue

Guaranteed Issue Rights

You can typically enroll in a Medigap plan all throughout the year, but there are certain situations in which you automatically qualify for a Medicare Supplement policy without fear of being turned down by an insurance carrier. This is known as guaranteed issue rights. You can refer to a previous post for further information on guaranteed issue, but basically this time is an optimal buying period for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

The following examples are situations which would merit a Medicare beneficiary guaranteed issue rights.

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    1. If you have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and your plan either becomes no longer available in your area or you move to a new service area where your plan is no longer accepted, you will be eligible to enroll in a Medigap Plan.
    2. If your coverage under a group health plan through your employer is ending and you have original Medicare, you qualify for guaranteed issue rights.
    3. If you are moving out of the coverage area of your Medicare Select policy and you have Original Medicare, an insurer cannot refuse to offer you a Medigap Policy.
    4. If you recently turned 65 (in the past year) and you joined a Medicare Advantage Plan or Programs of All-inclusive Care for
      the Elderly (PACE) and you now wish to sign up for Original Medicare, you will also be eligible for Medicare Supplement Insurance.
    5. If you disenrolled from your Medigap Policy to join a Medicare Advantage Plan and you wish to go back to Medicare Supplement Insurance, you will be eligible as long you make your decision within a year of dropping your Medigap coverage.
    6. If something happens to your Medigap insurance carrier, bankruptcy, going out of business etc., and you lose coverage, you will be able to enroll in a new plan with a different Medicare Supplement Insurance Company.
    7. If you’ve been misled or taken advantage of by a company that has broken Medicare rules and regulations, you may be eligible for guaranteed issue rights.

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