Medicare Hearing Test – Just What Does Medicare Cover?

Some people heave a sigh of relief when they hear that Medicare covers some hearing exams. But perhaps they wouldn’t sigh so quickly if they knew exactly what Medicare does and doesn’t cover when it comes to hearing tests.

Does Medicare cover routine hearing exams?

senior hearingThe answer is a resounding no. Hearing is one of many areas that Medicare doesn’t do much to address. It’s well known that there are numerous gaps in Medicare coverage, and hearing is one of the areas most overlooked by Medicare.

This is unfortunate because hearing loss is a major concern to the general Medicare population, as over a third of people over 65 suffer some form of hearing loss as a result of aging.

For many people, the solution is as simple as getting a hearing aid. Hearing aids have developed in every way imaginable in recent years, and a dependable, trouble-free, almost invisible device would greatly improve the quality of life of many individuals suffering hearing loss.

Does Medicare cover the cost of hearing aids?

Again, the answer is no. Medicare will not cover the cost of hearing aids.

As a result, many older Americans whose hearing problems could greatly be reduced by having hearing aids simply resign themselves to suffering whatever hearing loss Father Time brings. Many of these people are determined to fight back—to employ the latest in technology in order to continue enjoying the sounds of music, the joys of chit-chat, and the magic in their grandchildren’s voices. But, sadly, too many feel, without Medicare fighting the battle with them, hearing loss is an adversary they cannot beat.

Hearing aids are expensive—often in the range of several thousand dollars—and that’s just the beginning. Factor in repair and replacement costs, and many people decide improved hearing is a luxury they just can’t afford.

Is there other coverage that can fill this Medicare gap?

Fortunately, there is additional coverage that helps address hearing health.

While Medicare supplement plans provide great coverage to fill many of the gaps in Medicare coverage, Medicare supplements are not the answer to the problem we’re addressing here. Medicare supplements, also called Medigap, will not pay for routine hearing exams or hearing aids.

People on Medicare who are looking for coverage designed to help pay for routine hearing tests or hearing aids ought to look into senior hearing plans, which are specifically designed to provide benefits for seniors wanting coverage for expenses relating to hearing loss.

With nearly half of people 85 and older suffering from hearing loss, senior hearing plans can be a huge difference-maker. The frustration associated with being unable to hear and communicate with others can often be prevented by a comprehensive exam and a hearing aid, and senior hearing plans can make these options much more available.

Senior hearing plans help ease the financial burden of paying for hearing exams and  hearing aids, including costs related to maintenance, repair and battery replacement. To many seniors these plans have played a priceless role in helping them stay active and involved in ways that would not have been possible if they had decided to give up the fight against hearing loss by relying on Medicare alone.

Some Medicare Advantage plans include coverage that helps pay for routine hearing exams and costs associated with hearing aids. Call MedicareMall at 1-877-413-1556 for information about Medicare Advantage plans offering hearing benefits.

What hearing tests does Medicare cover?

Medicare Part B will cover diagnostic hearing exams if your medical provider determines these tests are required to determine whether you need medical treatment. Essentially, this means the tests will not be ordered simply to examine the extent of hearing loss and to recommend procedures or devices to restore auditory function, but to gain further insight into a medical problem of which hearing loss just may be a symptom.

For diagnostic hearing tests ordered by a doctor, Medicare Part B will pay the usual 80 percent of the Medicare-approved amount, and the recipient getting such a test is required to pay the remaining costs out-of-pocket. If a test is performed in a hospital outpatient setting, a copayment will also apply. People receiving diagnostic hearing tests are also responsible for the Medicare Part B deductible.

While Medigap insurance isn’t designed to help cover the cost of routine hearing tests and hearing aids, it is designed to help cover Part B copayment, coinsurance, and deductible costs associated with diagnostic hearing exams and a multitude of other tests, procedures, and items of equipment that Medicare covers—to a degree. Contact MedicareMall for information about Medicare supplement insurance, senior hearing plans, and all your best and most affordable healthcare options.

How are you addressing your hearing care needs? Please leave a message below!

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2 thoughts on “Medicare Hearing Test – Just What Does Medicare Cover?

  1. I have a cochlear implant and need to use a hearing aid in the other ear to supliment the cochlear implant.Unfortunatley I slipped and fell while clearing snow from the drive and lost my hearing aid.Is this covered by medicare?

    1. Hi Pat,

      Sorry to hear about the loss of your hearing aid. While Medicare may cover cochlear implants under some circumstances, I am unable to verify that hearing aids are also covered by Medicare. I am aware that Medicaid programs assist with hearing aids in some select states. It does not hurt to ask your local hearing aid provider if they accept Medicare (or your Medigap Plan / Medicare Advantage Plan), just in case.

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      – RIchard

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