Senior Hearing Plans

Do not Accept Hearing Loss as Inevitable

Senior hearing plans are designed to provide benefits for seniors wanting coverage for expenses relating to hearing loss. This is vital because a third of people between the ages of 65 and 74 experience hearing difficulties and nearly half of people 85 and older suffer from hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a naturally occurring result of aging. However, the frustration associated with being unable to hear and communicate with others does not have to be and can be prevented by something as simple as a hearing aid. As is the case with senior vision plans and senior dental plans, however, Medicare does not provide benefits for hearing aids. Neither does Medicare supplement insurance plans. For this reason, private insurance companies offer senior hearing plans to help ease the financial burden of paying for hearing exams, hearing aids, and other hearing-related expenses.

Paying for a hearing aid device is costly in itself, but costs associated with hearing aids go far beyond the initial purchase price. Maintenance, repair, and battery replacement are all important to retaining your ability to hear, and these can be costly as well. Senior hearing plans are intended to provide benefits for just that reason.

Senior Hearing Plans can offer coverage for:

    • Hearing exams
    • Accidental damage to hearing aids
    • Replacement of lost hearing aids
    • Electronic failures
    • Amplification problems
    • General wear and tear beyond the initial warranty

Imagine going through life without being able to listen to your grandchildren. Imagine never being able to enjoy your favorite song again. Some people think this inevitable as they age, but the fact is, we are living in a time where this isn’t the case at all. Senior hearing insurance plans are available at an affordable price, and they give you access to the finest audiological care and technology available to seniors.

Finding the best and most affordable senior hearing plan can be difficult, though, without the help of a senior health insurance plan specialist. MedicareMall has live representatives in the field standing by to help you. Contact us now and we will be glad to answer your questions and to assist you in selecting and enrolling in the senior hearing insurance plan that’s right for you.

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