Five Tablet or Smart Phone Apps That Can Improve Your Life


Chances are you already know about Skype, and there’s an excellent chance you already use it. Skype allows you to make free calls from PC to PC. It allows you to chat via keyboard in real time, and allows you to have video conversations at no cost with other Skype users. Skype also provides an economical link with every telephone you could reach from a cell phone or land line. Though you pay a small charge for every PC-to-telephone call you make, you’ll save big on calls to places outside your telephone company’s local calling area.


US News lists iBooks among its 10 Must-Have iPad Apps for Seniors.

Apple’s E-book app, iBooks, allows you to download free books from Apple’s iTunes store. With iBooks you can also change the type size and lighting to make for easier reading. According to US News, although Apple’s selection of E-books is not as extensive as Amazon’s, Apple provides a “free Kindle reader app that connects to Amazon and lets you read Kindle purchases.”

If you haven’t read any E-books yet, it’s time you gave it a try. The quality is second only to the extensive collection of titles available—and iBooks is an option you ought to consider.

Instant Heart Rate

No, this isn’t a pacemaker, defibrillator, or anything like that. Instant Heart Rate is simply an app that helps you monitor your heart rate while you exercise.

In a previous post, we discussed endurance training and the importance of knowing your maximum heart rate and the heart rate you should try to reach while exercising. As everyone knows, it isn’t easy to monitor your heart rate manually—and it’s even harder to do so accurately. But, as advises, “Forget checking your pulse manually. Just pull out your mobile gadget with the Instant Heart Rate app. Press your finger to the camera lens and you’ll have your heart rate in just a moment. It can also track recovery time, trend lines and more.”

There are plenty more apps that seem to have the potential to improve your life in some small or large way. If there’s an application that’s made your life better, please let us know about it in a comment below!

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