Scams Targeting Seniors

It burns me up whenever I hear about some lowlife exploiting anybody who’s vulnerable.

Senior Scam Alert

It’s bad enough when scammers target the general public, trying to get every penny possible from anyone who lets his guard down for a second. But there are heartless people out there looking for and creating opportunities to take advantage of those they consider easier-than-average targets—and it’s a sad fact of life that seniors are targeted much of the time.

Why do criminals often set their sights on seniors? According to the Common Fraud Schemes page on the Federal Bureau of Investigation website, seniors are often targeted because they’ve accumulated assets, own their own homes, and have good credit. In other words, scam artists are likely to view seniors as a lucrative market for their twisted schemes.

The FBI site cites the generally polite, trusting nature associated with seniors as another reason they’re targeted for scams. Seniors grew up in a more trusting time, and many seniors, raised to be courteous, find it difficult to say no or hang up the phone when someone tries to take advantage of them. This isn’t always the case, of course, but it seems to be the perception that draws scam artists to seniors.

According to the FBI site, many seniors, when they realize they’ve been scammed, are too embarrassed to report it or may be unaware of where and how to report the crimes.

Some are afraid that family members and others will see them as unable to handle their own financial affairs. The “solution” is to keep quiet, which, of course, only enhances the perception that seniors are easy marks.

The FBI Common Fraud Schemes page has a long list of scams targeted to seniors, including pyramid schemes, credit card fraud, investment fraud, telemarketing fraud, and business fraud. On the page there’s a list of scams directed primarily at seniors, including funeral and cemetery fraud, fraudulent “anti-aging” products, and reverse mortgage schemes. Health care fraud, health insurance fraud, and counterfeit prescription drugs are also on the list.

Health care fraud involves offering “free” medical products or unnecessary tests to seniors and then billing their insurers. Scam artists often offer these products or services only if you give them your Medicare number. They go on to forge doctors’ signatures or bribe corrupt doctors to sign the forms, then bill Medicare for services that were neither requested nor necessary.

On its Common Fraud Schemes page, the FBI offers tips to help prevent you from becoming yet another victim. You’d be advised to look this over, as senior living ought to be free of the troubles you can have if you let your guard down for even a second.

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