It’s Never Too Late to Quit

Kick that Nicotine Habit Now

If you’ve never been a smoker, congratulations. Chances are you’ve made good health choices over the years and are reaping the benefits now. If you’re an ex-smoker, hats off to you. You managed to do what many have tried, and failed, to do when you kicked that last pack of smokes to the curb years ago.

No Smoking

And if you’re a smoker … well, the good news is that it’s never too late to quit—and to reap the benefits of doing so.

We all know the benefits. For starters, how about a little extra energy—even some second wind to replace the first wind those cigarettes always seem to sap? How about killing that cough once and for all? It could happen. Or what about simply putting an end to the shame that comes from being excluded from so many public places and having to light up outdoors?

Make no mistake about it. You can quit smoking. What’s that you say? You’ve already done it a hundred times? Then do it once more—and be determined to make it stick this time.

Determination. Those who’ve quit smoking say that’s the key.

You can’t be casual about quitting. You’ve got to want to do it. Fortunately, that shouldn’t be hard given the obvious benefits of going smoke-free.

Everyone knows how tough it can be to quit smoking. Addictions aren’t easily overcome, and it’s generally acknowledged you can’t overcome an addiction without finding something else to fill the void.

Well, what could be a better void-filler than a good habit to replace the old bad one? What about golf? Cycling? Long walks, tennis, or dancing? The possibilities are endless.

How to break the physical addiction is a matter best discussed with your doctor. Whether a patch, a nicotine delivery device, hypnosis, or sheer willpower seems best suited to get you over the hump, though, you need real motivation to put smoking behind you for good.

Better health, lower health-care costs, and renewed vigor can be great motivators, but imagine how happy family members—especially grandchildren—will be once they see you’ve gotten over that nicotine addiction. They’ll see you living healthily and looking better than you’ve looked in years. What’s more, they’ll be grateful to have you active, alert, and likely to be around for many more years. Who knows? If you come from a long line of smokers, you might be the one to break that chain for future generations—and what can be a greater motivation than that?

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