How to Enroll in Medicare

The Three Easy Steps to Enrolling in Medicare

Medicare Enrollment

On your 65th birthday you should first celebrate, you’re 65 years young! Then you should begin planning out your senior health insurance. Which calls for another celebration because you’re eligible for Medicare. Don’t wait, signing up is easy.

Apply online for Medicare today.
  1. Sign up for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. This usually requires little effort on your part because you are automatically enrolled if you receive social security benefits. In fact, if for some reason you didn’t want Medicare you would actually have to decline receiving these benefits.
  2.  Review your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage. After verifying your enrollment in Medicare Part A and Part B, ask yourself, “Will this meet my needs for medical care?” Medicare is great, but often times frequent or extended hospital stays can incur high costs may it be paying a deductible, copays, or other out of pocket expenses. If you find yourself needing more comprehensive coverage, you may need to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.
  3.  Sign up for Medicare Part D. The final piece of the Medicare puzzle is your prescription drug coverage. You pay into Medicare Part A and B while working, just like social security, but this does not include payment for any prescription drugs you may require. While you’re speaking to your Medicare Supplement Insurance agent, ask if he/she can assist you in Medicare Part D enrollment. If not, you can enroll for this Medicare benefit online at

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