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The Dirty Truth about Lead Generation Sites

Searching for a Medigap Plan In today’s post we will discuss something you are very likely to encounter while searching online for Medicare Supplement Insurance, known as lead generation sites. You may have already come across a lead generation site and may not have even been aware. This is why we’ll go over what to these sites look like as the implications of using such a site.

Lead Generation Sites

First things first, what is a lead generation site? A lead generation site is a website that asks you to first fill out personal information, then distributes that information to a handful of other sites. When you submit a basic set of information through a form on their site, you become what is known a lead. In the insurance industry, agents want leads to whom they can sell insurance policies so they will buy your information from the site you entered your information on.

So What?

While lead generation sites don’t always end up costing you any extra in terms of money, using them to find your next Medigap policy can have negative implications. No one wants their information being passed around like that in the first place. It just feels kind of scummy, right? Also your information is distributed among dozens of Medicare Supplement Insurance companies, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to get bombarded by several agents after sending off your information.

The Good Guys

Being able to shop online for Medicare Supplement Insurance is beautiful thing, obviously we wholeheartedly believe that. So dastardly lead-gen sites aside, there are companies out there who want to honestly sell you a great Medigap plan at an affordable price to you. For example, when you request a quote from us, it goes right to our in-house agents, who will contact you directly. Regardless of whether you choose to use our services (which are free by the way,) or decide to obtain a plan through someone else, your information is safe and secure and will either stay in our database if you become a client or will be removed and permanently deleted if you don’t.

Look for sites that give you a direct number to call and if you end up calling that number, make sure there is a person within that company that is capable of providing you a Medigap quote. Finally, never pay to request a quote. Obtaining that information should be a free service so beware of sites that ask you to pay something recieve a quote.

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