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Keep in mind:

Most seniors with prescription drug coverage don’t reach the level where catastrophic coverage kicks in. Sadly, drug costs can be so prohibitive that many simply stop taking their prescribed drugs upon entering the donut hole.

Although the donut hole is scheduled to be phased out by 2020, it’s still very much a reality—especially to seniors with lower or fixed incomes. Clearly, people in or nearing the donut hole have to be cautious when it comes to keeping prescription drug costs in check. The same is even truer for people without any prescription drug coverage at all. Along with offering other tips for lowering prescription drug costs, MedicareMall has advised seniors to look into possible savings by considering ordering prescription drugs online.

We stand by that – although you may find a good senior discount drug program at your local pharmacy and shouldn’t overlook that option, either. When it comes to saving money on the best products, you ought to look at every option, just as MedicareMall does!

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