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Buyer Beware When Ordering Prescriptions Online

In today’s market, chances are you’re searching for a bargain regardless of what you’re looking to purchase. MedicareMall shops the market for the very best deals, and so do you!

This is as true for prescription drugs as for anything. You’ve probably learned by now that prescription drug costs can be through the roof unless you find some way to cut them down to size.

Is ordering prescriptions online a good way to reduce drug costs? It may be, at least when you look at the bottom line. There are definitely some websites serving seniors well by providing safe, legal prescription drugs at a great price. But anyone considering making an online prescription drug purchase ought to be aware of a Carnegie Mellon University study in which people conducting the study found they were redirected to questionable and/or illicit pharmacies almost a third of the time they searched for drug information on the Internet. True, one third is a minority, but it’s also grounds for extreme caution if you’re planning to search for an online pharmacy.

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