St. Patrick’s Day

The One Day Everyone Seems to be Irish

MedicareMall St. Patrick's Day LogoYou don’t have to be Irish to know what’s celebrated every year on March 17. Well, maybe that’s not altogether true, because March 17 is one day of the year when everybody seems to be Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day may be the only time you go out of your way to wear something green. Or maybe you just prefer to raise a glass of Guinness or Irish whiskey. It’s even possible you focus mainly on the religious aspect of St. Patrick’s Day. After all, that’s how it all started.

St. Patrick is revered as a patron saint of Ireland, and St. Patrick’s Day got its start as a religious holiday devoted to St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. St. Patrick spent part of his childhood in Ireland before returning there as a missionary in the fifth century, and years after his death he gained renown in Ireland as a legendary figure.

As Irish people and culture spread round the world, so did the custom of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, St. Pat’s has come to take on characteristics far beyond those usually associated with religious holidays. Even the church in some areas has acknowledged this by relaxing Lenten restrictions on alcohol on March 17.

In the United States, St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated since colonial times. The first New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in 1756—though presumably not on nearly the scale of the March 17 parade extravaganzas New Yorkers have enjoyed in recent years.

The annual New York St. Patrick’s Day parade has evolved into a can’t-miss event for many New Yorkers, and attracts an estimated 2 million people every year.

Similar, though smaller, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are held each year around the US. Such cities as Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore could be expected to host major celebrations, but even cities not at all noted for having Irish immigrant populations have well-established St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivals inviting everyone to get out, celebrate, and be Irish for a day. The same holds true for many smaller communities throughout the country.

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