Daylight Saving Time

How to Use that Extra Hour

Turning the Clock

Unless you’ve been an hour late for all your recent appointments, chances are you’ve made the transition along with the most of the country to Daylight Saving Time. That, of course, means you’ve got an extra hour of daylight to enjoy each evening.

In case you’re wondering how to make use of that extra hour of daylight, here are a few suggestions to consider:

  1. Take a long walk. This has probably been suggested to you a hundred times—but now you’ve actually got an extra hour of daylight in which to do it. Early evening is an ideal time for mild to moderate exercise, and a long, brisk walk can give you just enough of a workout to start off the perfect transition to a restful night’s sleep. You can even work off those pesky dinner calories … which leads to:
  2. Enjoy an extra course at dinner … at least, if you’re not just going to sit on it afterwards. If you’re taking that long walk in the early evening, you’re going to need plenty of fuel. A few extra calories—a well-chosen treat—combined with exercise is more agreeable to most people than a stripped-down diet with no exercise.
  3. Join a club or take a class. Mental exercise is just as important as the physical type. Options may be limited if you live in a small town, but even then you have the option of starting your own club. At least one evening a week, get out and pursue something you enjoy with like-minded people. You’ll never find a better way to invest that extra hour of daylight.
  4. Have a movie night once every week or every two weeks. Remember when you used to take time for movies? An evening at the cinema is still fun, but if there’s nothing playing there that you’re eager to see, you can always save a few dollars and rent a movie instead. You can keep the outing or occasion private, or you can get a group together to watch and discuss the latest movies.
  5. Once every week or two weeks, do something you’ve never done. Use that extra hour of daylight to enjoy a new experience. Go bowling. Learn to play bridge. Visit a jazz club. Volunteer. It doesn’t matter. The possibilities are endless, and by the time Daylight Saving Time is over you’ll have plenty of new experiences under your belt to see you through the winter. You might even be fortunate enough to have come across a new hobby.

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