Disabled Parking Permit

Disabled Parking Permit

Although the Social Security Administration is not the authority in charge of issuing disability parking permits, various disabilities should make it easy for you to qualify for disabled parking in your state.

Close, convenient parking is vital for people with conditions affecting mobility and stamina, or suffering pain associated with movement. There are no national standards regarding who should or shouldn’t be issued a disabled parking permit, and a lot of discretion is in the hands of your doctor.

Being identified as disabled by the Social Security Administration can work heavily in your favor if you feel you need a disabled parking permit. The SSA has a list of medical conditions that automatically qualify as disabling conditions here, but other conditions are equally acceptable as disabling conditions if SSA determines they are as serious as conditions on the list. The same requirements apply whether you suffer from a condition on the list or from an equally serious condition not on the list. If you have a disabling condition affecting mobility or stamina, or if your disabling condition in any way requires you to have access to convenient parking, you should talk this over with your doctor.

Approval for SSDI benefits does not mean you will automatically be issued a disabled parking permit.

For disabled parking privileges, you will have to bring this matter up with your doctor.

In some states, a disabled parking permit is much like a prescription, and your doctor, weighing all the relevant factors, will determine whether or not you need disability parking.

Many people, especially those whose disabilities are not readily visible, are hesitant to request disabled parking permits because of the perception that some people undeserving of special parking privileges abuse the system. But anyone with a legitimate need for a disabled parking permit shouldn’t hesitate to request any legitimate privileges that can help make life a little easier.

There are slight differences among the various states concerning disabled parking privileges and requirements. Click here for information relevant to your state.

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