Replacing Your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

It’s a simple matter to replace a Medicare supplement insurance plan at any time you’re eligible to do so. Each week MedicareMall specialists handle hundreds of such replacements, and in most cases the entire application process can take place over the phone in as little as 15 minutes.

When can you replace your current Medigap plan with another?

You’re eligible to replace your existing Medicare supplement plan during any open enrollment period. During open enrollment, any Medicare supplement insurance company must make any of the Medigap plans it offers available to you.

There are also special enrollment periods (SEPs) during which you’re able to switch Medicare prescription drug plans. SEPs are normally the result of certain events or changes in your life, including certain relocations, health-related institutionalization, and release from a health care institution. MedicareMall will be glad to help you determine when or whether you may be eligible for a special enrollment period.

Your reasons for wanting to switch from one plan to another may involve:

  • Finances You can never be certain how your financial situation will evolve over time. Perhaps the amount you budgeted for health care several years ago is more than you can afford now.
  • Or maybe the opposite is true and you have a little more disposable income than you used to have.
  • Finding a better value for your dollar With rate fluctuations, it may well be that last year’s best value isn’t the best value any longer. MedicareMall shops the market constantly for the top deals, and we’ll be happy to help you determine what’s best for you at any particular time.
  • Wanting better benefits Maybe you’re getting tired of paying a high deductible and figure it’s time for a change. Maybe you’d like lower co-payments or certain coverage you’re not getting now. In short, it’s possible that what served you well in previous years isn’t your best option anymore. Or maybe you’ve just learned more over the years about what benefits you really want.
  • Your health care concerns are likely to change over the years. You may well have new priorities and considerations when it comes to Medigap coverage.

Perhaps you’d like an annual Medigap review in order to determine whether your current plan is the one you need now. MedicareMall will be glad to examine your individual case and help determine whether your current plan is the right one or whether it may be time for a change. Contact us now and we’ll lead you through every Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage option before helping you enroll in whatever plan is best for you.

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