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For over 40 years, Southwest Service Life has been a leading provider of Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Senior Vision, Senior Hearing, and Senior Dental plans.

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A brief history on Southwest Service Life

Southwest Service Life is a Texas Company providing Affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to Texans for over 40 years. Their Goal over the years has been to give customers innovative and affordable choices in all our insurance products. By doing so they have built a reputation of Integrity and Stability a Company can only earn by standing the test of time. In business since 1962, Southwest Service Life Insurance Company over the years has maintained a strong presence in the ever-changing Texas insurance market. The Company has never wavered from their specialized insurance products. We have developed and provided competitive individual health policies for thousands of Texans.

Southwest Service Life’s ongoing success is built on giving their customers the freedom of choice with affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. Southwest Service Life Insurance Company’s more than 1000 local agents are dedicated to helping their customers. Southwest Service Life is proud of its reputation of integrity in honoring its commitment to customers. Southwest Service Life Insurance Company is a leader in the individual health insurance market in Texas. The Company is also one of the foremost writers of final expense “Life” insurance business in the State of Texas. Southwest Service Life is the largest of a five member insurance Holding Company, licensed to writeMedicare Supplement Insurance Plans in the State of Texas:

  • Southwest Service Life Insurance Company
  • Capitol Security Life Insurance Company
  • International American Life Insurance Company
  • Regal Life of America Insurance Company
  • United Assurance Life Insurance Company

Superior services provided by Southwest Service Life

Why Southwest Service Life?

Southwest Service Life has experience in helping Seniors, like you, with providing quality Medigap coverage and has a reputation for excellent service. can help you determine if a Southwest Service Life Medigap policy is right for you.

If you would like more information on Medigap policies by Southwest Service Life, contact a Southwest Service Life Medicare Supplement representative today or use our quote form below.

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