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Our Representatives can Help You Navigate the Medicare Maze

 If you’re new to Medicare, we sympathize with you. Even people who’ve been using Medicare for years say they’re perplexed by all the options and details Medicare throws at them. To a newcomer Medicare can seem a complete mystery. If you’re new to Medicare, MedicareMall is eager to answer any questions you may have about your many Medicare options, help you find the best one, and walk you through every step of the enrollment process.


Original Medicare

Medicare Part A  and Part B provides the foundation of your Medicare coverage. Medicare Part A helps cover hospital costs, while Medicare Part B normally pays 80% of the cost of covered medical expenses. Although your initial enrollment signs you up for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, some people decide not to keep Part B coverage. If you’re considering going without Part B, call MedicareMall toll-free at (877) 413-1556 and we’ll be glad to help you determine whether that’s a wise step.

Once enrolled in Original Medicare, you’ll have the option of signing up for:

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) Plans are designed to help fill the gaps in Original Medicare coverage.

Medigap plans are sold by private insurance companies to people already enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Various supplement plans are available from leading companies, but no new Medigap plans include prescription drug coverage. Although insurance companies offering the same Medigap plans have to offer the same benefits, companies are free to apply their own pricing and underwriting practices, so it’s important to shop the market before choosing a plan. Nobody does that better than our Medigap representatives. Call toll-free (877) 413-1556 for a free quote.

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage (or Medicare Part C) Plans are optional Medicare plans offered by Medicare-approved private companies and available to people already enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Medicare Advantage Plans can provide additional coverage in various areas of health including dental, vision, and hearing, and most plans also include prescription drug coverage. Call MedicareMall toll-free at (877) 413-1556 to learn about Medicare Advantage Plans available in your area.

Though prescription drug coverage is voluntary, anyone enrolled in Medicare Part A or Part B is eligible for enrollment in a prescription drug plan. Prescription drug plans can be added to Original Medicare or provided through Medicare Advantage Plans. If you don’t join a Medicare prescription drug plan as soon as you become eligible for Medicare, you may face penalties and limited enrollment opportunities if you want to join later.

Medicare coverage is very limited in these areas, and many seniors pay large out-of-pocket expenses for even routine dental, vision, and hearing care. Affordable dental plans allow you to choose from a list of dentists, and provide discounts on such services as cleanings, fillings, crowns, and root canals. Vision plans help cover problems associated with aging and provide coverage for regular eye examinations and prescription eyewear. Neither Medicare nor Medigap plans pay a cent toward hearing aid costs. Senior hearing plans focus on making hearing aids available to our clients.

If you’re under 65 and eligible for Medicare due to disability, you’ll need to know all about Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD/SSDI or SSI), a payroll-funded program to supplement the income of those unable to work due to disability. SSDI can make all the difference financially if disability makes it impossible for you earn a living. Click here for a free SSDI evaluation and call toll-free (877) 413-1556 if you’d like more information about Social Security Disability Insurance.

Medicare can go a long way toward helping you maintain your good health—if you have the experience and knowledge to take advantage of it. If you’re new to Medicare, contact MedicareMall now and let us save you money and lead you with confidence through the Medicare maze!

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