Who Offers the Lowest Medicare Supplement Rate?

It’s human nature to want easy answers to questions. How much is two plus two? That one is simple. There are easy answers to many questions, but other questions can’t be answered quite so easily.

Is Medicare supplement insurance a good investment for the average person with Medicare?

This one is easy. Medicare supplement insurance (or Medigap) is a great tool to help fill the gaps in Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B). Medicare was never designed to cover all your health insurance needs, so it’s important to look for additional coverage in those areas where Original Medicare won’t help. For many people, purchasing a Medicare supplement insurance plan is the best option.

Medigap insurance policies cover medical procedures approved by Medicare. Some policies go further and offer limited benefits relating to certain expenses not covered by Medicare.

Anyone covered under both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B is eligible to enroll in a Medigap plan. Although companies reserve the right to set further qualification criteria beyond Medicare eligibility at their own discretion, they cannot exclude anyone in a Medicare Annual Election (or Open Enrollment) Period or Medicare Guaranteed Issue period.

Most states only allow standardized Medicare supplement insurance plans. Any Medigap insurance company offering supplement insurance coverage is required to offer Medicare Plan A. Any other combination of Medigap supplemental plans (from B-N) may be available at the company’s discretion.

Same-policy coverage by different companies for doctor and hospital visits is exactly the same. For instance, a Medigap Plan F policy offered by one Medigap insurance company will pay exactly the same as a Medigap Plan F offered by another company.

But which company offers the lowest Medicare Supplement rate?

This question isn’t nearly as easy to answer. Companies offering Medigap plans are generally free to set their own rates according to their own criteria, so prices vary widely. Company A may offer a certain Medigap plan at a much lower rate than Company B charges. On the other hand, Company B may charge a much lower rate for another plan than Company A charges. What makes things more complicated is that there are many companies selling Medigap policies, and each has its method of setting premiums—and premiums can change from year to year.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the lowest Medicare supplement rate is to have an experienced partner like MedicareMall in your corner to help sort out all the options. For over two decades we’ve been serving our clients by helping them find the very best health coverage at the very best price.

For a lowest rate quote, please use our free quote finder. After entering your zip code, you’ll need to provide information about your date of birth, gender, tobacco use, and county to get the most accurate quote. If you prefer not to give personal information until later, you can run a quote using “TEST” for your first name and “TEST” for your second name. You can enter 800-555-5555 as your phone number if you wish.

Medicare supplement insurance plans can provide you the comfort of knowing you won’t be burdened by the Medicare gaps left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. But it’s important to compare Medigap plans and rates to make sure you find the policy that’s best for you. MedicareMall is the expert at shopping the market on your behalf by investigating all the options offered by leading Medicare supplement insurance companies, and we’re ready to find the Medicare supplement plan that’s best for you.

Contact us now and we’ll guide you through the Medicare maze to the best coverage for you and your wallet.

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