MedicareMall Learning Center: How to File a Claim with Medicare

Because your health care providers and suppliers are required to file Medicare claims for the services and supplies you receive, you should seldom if ever need to file a claim yourself.

How can I be sure my doctors and suppliers are filing claims as required?

After enrolling in Medicare, you’ll receive a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) by mail every three months. Every charge your health care providers or suppliers billed to Medicare during the three-month period should appear on your statement. Carefully examining each Medicare Summary Notice you receive will help you ensure that your health care providers and suppliers are filing your claims promptly.

You can also track your claims by visiting Claims are normally available for tracking or viewing within 24 hours of processing.

What if I learn a doctor or supplier hasn’t filed a claim?

Inform the doctor or supplier immediately, requesting that your claim be filed. It’s important to do so because claims must be filed within one year of the date services were provided. A simple reminder along these lines is usually all it takes to ensure your claim is filed.

But what if my provider still doesn’t file a claim?

Then it’s time to call 1-800-MEDICARE. You can explain the situation and get some good advice. Make sure to ask about the exact time limit for filing a claim for the service or supplies you received.

What if the deadline is getting close?

If it doesn’t look as if your doctor or supplier is going to file your claim in time, you should do it yourself. Chances are it won’t come to this, but you do not want to miss the deadline for filing.

I’m not a doctor. Isn’t it complicated to file a Medicare claim?

Actually, it’s not. You’ll need a Patient’s Request for Medical Payment, a simple one-page form you can find here. All you have to do is fill out the form and send it to Medicare along with itemized bills and any documents that may support your claim.

Again, chances are you won’t have to file a claim yourself. But it’s important to be vigilant in case you need to.

You can never be too careful when it comes to monitoring your health care claims. The same goes for every aspect of your health care. If you have questions about Medicare Part A, Part B, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, or any other health care matter, MedicareMall will be happy to answer them.

Contact us now and we’ll lead you through the Medicare maze and help ensure that you have the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to make the best decisions about your health.


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