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Frequently Asked Questions II

Medicare Advantage plans can provide additional coverage in various areas of health including dental, vision, and hearing, and most plans also include prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans are optional Medicare plans offered by Medicare-approved private companies and available to people already enrolled in both Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B(medical).

Following are some frequently asked questions and answers about Medicare Advantage plans.

If I only have Medicare Part B and my Medicare + Choice Plan leaves Medicare, can I join another Medicare + Choice Plan?

To join a Medicare + Choice Plan, you generally need to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. If you wish to join a new Medicare + Choice Plan and you are currently enrolled only in Medicare Part A, you will probably need to enroll in Medicare Part A.

You can easily enroll by visiting your local Social Security office, calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213, or visiting

What if my Medicare + Choice Plan leaves the Medicare program and I have employer or union health coverage?

If you belong to a Medicare + Choice Plan and have health coverage through your job, you may want to talk to your company benefits administrator before making any changes to your health coverage. In certain cases, you may be allowed to join another Medicare + Choice Plan through your employer or union group even if you are currently enrolled only in Medicare Part B.

Will I be able to keep the same doctors I’ve been using if my Medicare Advantage plan leaves the Medicare program?

You should be able to retain your doctors and providers if you return to Original Medicare because most doctors participate in the Original Medicare Plan. If you join a new Medicare Advantage plan, you may need to choose a new doctor and providers within a new network.

Before making a decision, you should ask your current doctors to whether will be able to see you if you join a new plan.

If you have further questions about Medicare Advantage or any other aspect of Medicare, contact MedicareMall now and let us lead you with confidence through the Medicare maze!

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