2013 Medicare Premiums and Deductible Changes

Medicare Part B in 2013

The latest round of changes to Medicare premiums, deductibles, and copayments for hospitalization (Part A) and medical care (Part B) takes effect January 1st, 2013.

What is changing in 2013?

2013 Medicare Part B Premium:
For most people, the monthly Medicare Part B premium will increase by $5. In 2013 most Medicare beneficiaries will pay a Medicare Part B premium of $104.90 per month.

2013 Medicare Part B Deductible:
The Medicare Part B 2013 deductible is $147, a $5 increase from 2012.

How do the 2013 changes in Medicare affect you?

2012 Medicare Part B Premium:
While the vast majority of seniors qualify for premium-free Part A coverage through paying into Medicare and Social Security during their working years, there’s no way to avoid paying your slightly increased Part B premium short of opting out of Medicare Part B completely. Although your initial enrollment in Medicare signs you up for both Part A and Part B, Part B enrollment is entirely voluntary.

2012 Medicare Part B Deductible:
Medicare beneficiaries pay the Medicare Part B deductible for services including doctor visits, lab tests, surgeon’s fees, ambulance rides, and speech therapy. Medigap Plan F and Medigap Plan C policy holders do not have to pay this deductible.

Medigap Protection Against Rate Increases

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you don’t have to pay many of the 2013 premiums and deductibles if you’re enrolled in a Medicare supplement plan. Medigap plans go far in helping eliminate Medicare out-of-pocket costs that seem to go up year after year.

If you’re determined to stay within your healthcare budget, you’ll definitely want to check out Medicare Supplement Plan F. Plan F covers all Medicare-approved costs not covered by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. With fixed premiums that can easily fit into your budget, Plan F covers all Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles along with “excess charges” you’d otherwise have to pay out of pocket. Excess charges are the difference between what Medicare pays and what your medical provider charges—and they can add up fast if you don’t have the protection Plan F provides!

To learn more about how Medicare supplement plans can save you money, request a free Medigap quote from one of our licensed Medicare supplement insurance agents or call MedicareMall toll-free at (877) 413-1556.

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