Medigap Guaranteed Issue Definitions

Information Provided by a Medigap Plan Representative

You may have the right to purchase a Medigap policy outside of your open enrollment period if you lose certain types of health coverage.

For people over age 65

In some states the guaranteed issue right may apply only to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

For people with disabilities under age 65

Guaranteed issue rights are extended to Americans under age 65 with disabilities who enroll in Medicare Part A and  Part B.

Guaranteed Issue for Eligible Persons

Following are categories of individuals eligible for Guaranteed Issue:

  • Those enrolled in a Medicare supplement plan and coverage discontinues due to insolvency, substantial violation of a material policy provision, or material misrepresentation by the individual or by an entity acting on the issuer’s behalf;
  • Those enrolled under a Medicare supplement plan who terminate the policy and enroll for the first time in a Medicare Advantage plan;
  • Those becoming eligible for the first time for benefits under Medicare Part A and enrolled in Medicare Part B, who enroll in a Medicare Advantage provider before disenrolling within 12 months of the effective date of enrollment;

We know that’s a lot to absorb.

That’s why MedicareMall representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Contact us now and we’ll further explain your guaranteed issue rights and help you maneuver with confidence through the Medicare maze.

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