AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance

The AARP, now about 40 million strong, has been an active player over the years with regard to senior health care. Its influence played a part in the establishment of Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug plans), and the AARP continues to play an important role in senior health care debates today.

Along with numerous other services it provides seniors, AARP offers a variety of Medigap plans at a good price. MedicareMall is proud to offer a variety of AARP Medicare supplement plans.

Medicare supplement plans offered by AARP are insured by United Health Care Insurance Company. Available plans vary from area to area but include:

  • Medigap Plan A – Federal law requires each insurance company selling Medicare supplement insurance plans to offer Plan A in their selection of plans. Although Plan A is readily available, however, it provides the lowest level of benefits of any Medicare supplemental insurance plan on the market.
  • Medigap Plan B -Each insurance company selling Medigap or Medicare supplement insurance plans has the option of including Plan B in its selection of plans. Plan B offers the basic services standardized by Medicare along with a few other benefits that aren’t covered by Medicare Supplement Plan A.
  • Medigap Plan C – Plan C offers the basic services standardized by Medicare along with a few other benefits that aren’t covered by Medicare Supplement Plan A or Medicare Supplement Plan B. Because Plan C offers more comprehensive protection, its premiums are normally higher than those of Plan A or Plan B.
  • Medigap Plan D -Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan D, designed to cover most of the high-risk gaps in Original Medicare, has long been an affordable option in select markets.
  • Medigap Plan F – Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F, widely considered the benchmark for Medicare supplement insurance plans, is designed to cover all the high-risk gaps left by Original Medicare. As well as providing coverage for the Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (medical) deductibles, Plan F covers any Medicare Part B (medical) excess costs you would otherwise be responsible for paying out of pocket.
  • Medigap Plans K and L – Each of these plans provides coverage for a wide variety of services and may be a good choice if you prefer lower premiums, anticipate low medical expenses, and are willing to share in the cost of health care throughout the year.

If you have any further questions about AARP Medicare insurance, AARP Medigap plans, or anything else connected with senior health plans, MedicareMall is at your service. Medicare supplement insurance plans can provide you the comfort of knowing you won’t be burdened by the health care gaps left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, but it’s important to compare Medigap plans and rates to make sure you find the policy that’s best for you. MedicareMall has been in the Medicare supplement insurance business for over 20 years, earning a reputation for excellence while addressing the unique needs of each of our clients.

Whatever your needs and budget, MedicareMall will find a Medigap policy that’s right for you. Don’t fall through the gaps in Medicare coverage. Contact us now and we’ll make sure you’ve got the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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