Senior Health Insurance Plans

The Icing on the Cake

Senior Health Insurance Plans
Dental, vision, and hearing plans are like the icing on the cake for senior health insurance plans.

Yesterday we mentioned that Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are like the finishing touch to your Medicare health plan. The final icing on the cake to senior health insurance plans is the addition of vision, dental, and hearing insurance plans.

Senior Vision Plans- These plans are designed complete your health coverage in terms of your eye health. Eyes naturally deteriorate with age, so senior vision plans will help you pay for the associated costs related to this.

Senior Dental Plans- Most seniors make the mistake of getting very basic coverage when it comes to dental plans. Dental needs are usually anything but basic. Dentures, root canals, crowns, are all common procedures for seniors and these basic plans often lack benefits for procedures to that degree. Senior dental plans are a great addition to keeping you all around insured on your health.

Senior Hearing Plans- Hearing loss to some degree is almost inevitable as we age. Costs for exams, hearing aides, replacement hearing, etc. can add up quickly. Senior hearing plans are designed to take some of that burden off of you as you pay for hearing related needs.

Medicare covers certain aspects of vision, dental, and hearing health, but only if a doctor sees the procedure as medically necessary.

For instance, if a patient has cataract surgery, Medicare will cover the cost of corrective vision following the surgery. Or perhaps you experience an infection after you undergo dental surgery. Medicare Part A will pay the typical Medicare approved amount for hospitalization.

For the most part, the best solution to obtain a senior health plan that covers every aspect of your health is talk to a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans specialist about enrolling in dental, vision, and hearing plans.

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