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Eye care is important for reasons that go far beyond your vision.

Did you know …?

Eye care specialist such as optometrist are an important part of your front-line defense against many condition and diseases including:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Liver Disease
  • Certain polyps and tumors that can be cancerous

And the list goes on. The fact is, optometrists can be the first healthcare specialists to detect a variety of conditions and diseases whose symptoms are often traced back to your eyes and the current condition of your vision.

But even if the benefits of regular eye examinations and proper eye care didn’t extend beyond your vision … even if nothing other than the quality of your vision were at stake …

What could be more important than that? Few things affect the quality of your life more than the state of your vision. Even if your eyes weren’t a window into the overall state of your health, your vision is precious and ought to be given the care it deserves—especially as you age.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a condition called “presbyopia.” If not, you’ve surely heard of the condition called “old eyes.” That’s what presbyopia is. It’s the naturally-occurring process that generally sees eyes

weaken with age. As a result of presbyopia, the likelihood of needing corrective eyewear increases with age. Though many people believe using glasses will cause a decline in vision, the fact is that the average senior’s vision will decline regardless and corrective eyewear will be a great help in maintaining an excellent quality of life.

Unfortunately, Medicare provides very limited coverage when it comes to your eyes. Other than cataract surgery, glaucoma screening, and artificial eye replacement and maintenance, Medicare covers little of the eye care you may need—and none of the routine eye examinations necessary to maintain your optimum vision and ocular health.

While a great investment for your overall health, Medicare supplement insurance won’t offer you much in the way of eye care. Most Medicare Advantage plans come with some eye care benefits, including coverage for eye exams, eyeglass frames, and lenses. But for the best vision care possible, you ought to consider investing in an affordable vision service plan (VSP).

VSPs are offered by private insurance companies, and typically help cover the costs of eyeglass frames and lenses—whether single, bifocal, or trifocal. VSPs also help pay for contact lenses. Perhaps most importantly, vision service plans provide coverage for routine eye examinations.

If a medical problem is discovered during an eye exam, Medicare or a Medicare supplement insurance plan will take care of any medical costs associated with that problem. A VSP doesn’t in any way replace any of your Medicare or Medigap coverage, but any way you look at it, it can help ensure that you get the most out of your Medicare or Medigap coverage.

MedicareMall offers a variety of vision service plans from a variety of leading companies, and our representatives are ready to find the best and most affordable plan for you. Few things are more precious than your vision, so why wait? Contact MedicareMall today and one of our vision service plan representatives will be happy to assist you in selecting a highly affordable policy designed to protect your vision and maintain your quality of life.

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