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According to the official Social Security Administration website at, a 20-year-old worker has a 30% chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age. If you’re one of the many Arizonans in need of Social Security Disability Insurance, here’s some information you need to know.

For you to be eligible for SSDI, your disability must last for at least a year or be terminal. You must also be under age 65, which is normally the age of Medicare eligibility.

To be eligible for SSDI, you must have accumulated a prescribed number of Social Security credits (normally accumulated through work experience and payment into Social Security) during the 10 years immediately preceding disability. Requirements vary according to age, and if you are suffering disability before age 23 you may be able to draw on your parents’ Social Security credits without affecting their eligibility for SSDI.

If you are disabled as a result of an accident, congenital condition, or any other impairment or cause, and you meet the other requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance, you should qualify for SSDI. Although the Social Security Administration has a list of medical conditions that automatically qualify as disabling conditions, other conditions are equally acceptable as disabling conditions if the SSA determines they are as serious as conditions on the list.

Regardless of the nature of your disabling condition, it must prevent you from engaging in “Substantial Gainful Activity.”

This refers to any sort of work earning you an income of at least $1010 per month. If your disability allows you to earn an income below this amount, you shouldn’t be disqualified from receiving SSDI benefits you qualify for. But if the SSDI determines you’re able to make more than $1010 per month from your work, it’s unlikely you’ll receive SSDI.

If the Social Security Administration determines that your condition prevents you from doing the sort of work you did before, it will try to determine whether your condition prevents you from adjusting to other types of “Substantial Gainful Activity.”

To learn more about whether you may qualify for SSDI, click here for a free SSDI evaluation.

It’s easy to apply for SSDI. You can do so in person at your local Social Security office anywhere in Arizona or by phone at 800-772-1213 (TDY 1-80325-0778).

You can also apply online here.

If you apply for Arizona Social Security Disability, you’ll need to follow every instruction carefully and provide all the required documentation in order to minimize chances of a long delay or, worse yet, denial of your claim. For a complete list of documents you may be required to submit with your claim, visit

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