A New Option for Senior Fitness and More

If you’re running out of ideas about how to have fun staying fit, do yourself a favor and check out HealthPerxPlus.com.

HealthPerxPlus offers discount plans with significant savings on a wide range of fitness-related memberships, classes, products, and more. Partners include some of the leading fitness facilities in the country, offering classes and services for virtually anyone interested in getting and staying fit.

man exercisingHave you thought about trying out a membership at a leading facility such as Gold’s Gym or World Gym? These are only two of the many options you can try at a discount with HealthPerxPlus. If you could use some massage therapy—and who couldn’t?—HealthPerxPlus makes it highly affordable. What about a personal trainer? You guessed right—generous discounts are available for those, too.

Many people in the Medicare population get started on fitness programs only to abandon them out of sheer boredom. Often, they put all their eggs in one basket … only to discover they’ve lost interest in walking a treadmill or riding an exercise bike or wrestling with weight machines.

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The key to successful fitness is often finding physically challenging—though not overly demanding—activities you look forward to doing, and HealthPerxPlus certainly gives you that option, whether you’re interested in yoga, jazzercise, aerobics, weight training, or a variety of other activities that can help combat obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Because HealthPerxPlus individual and couple plans cost only $11-$22 a month while providing very generous fitness discounts, it is hard to imagine how such an investment could go wrong. But even more impressive is that HealthPerxPlus discount plans also offer savings often exceeding 50 percent in the areas of dental, vision, and hearing health—areas Medicare and even the best Medicare supplement plans do not cover. Learn more by visiting HealthPerxPlus.com.

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