Jogging May Help You Live Longer

While cardio workouts are an important part of maintaining fitness at any age, there are indications that jogging may offer its own particular benefits to people who jog as little as an hour per week or 15 minutes per day.

athletic seniorEarlier this year the American Journal of Epidemiology reported on a Danish study of the effects of jogging on a sample of over 17,000 healthy male and female adults ranging from 20 to 98 years of age. The study concluded that “the age-adjusted increase in survival with jogging was 6.2 years in men and 5.6 years in women” and that “jogging was associated with significantly lower all-cause mortality and a substantial increase in survival for both men and women.”

It is unclear to what degree findings of the Danish study apply to other types of cardio exercise, but it appears clear joggers are reaping the benefits of getting out for regular jogs. reports that results of the Danish study, first presented last year, “reinforce an earlier Stanford University School of Medicine study that found that elderly runners have fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life, and are half as likely as aging non-runners to die early deaths.”

Considering the long-recognized benefits of cardiovascular workouts and endurance training, this may not be surprising at all. Perhaps the best aspect of jogging for many older people is that it does not require long distances or trying speeds to get the benefits of a jog. The Danish study suggests as little as one hour per week—or four 15-minute sessions—can lead to longer life.

The study also suggests a slow or average pace is sufficient. Elderly runners especially should make note of this, as running at a slower pace can help minimize the joint pain and potential damage to the knees, hips, and back associated with running.

Jogging on a surface other than concrete or asphalt is a wise move for most joggers. Staying home and jogging on a treadmill may be the best move of all.

Before starting a jogging program, be sure to discuss your plans with your doctor. You can do this during your Medicare annual wellness visit. If your doctor suggests any precautions or tests before you get started, your Medicare supplement insurance will have you covered!

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Like Medigap, jogging is a great way to help keep your healthcare costs low. If you’re a jogger, please leave a comment telling us how jogging most benefits you.

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