The Medicare Eligibility Age Debate Rages On

Seniors under 67 who found alternative coverage to Medicare, meanwhile, would be hard hit as well. argues that if a rise in the Medicare age is implemented in 2014, “two-thirds of 65- and 66-year olds would pay more for health coverage.” Medicare Advocacy, Inc. agrees, estimating two-thirds of 65- and 66-year-olds “who do find coverage would incur an estimated $2,200 more in out-of-pocket costs per year including premiums and cost-sharing.”

The debate rages on. For the moment people approaching Medicare eligibility are unlikely to be affected by talk of raising the Medicare eligibility age, but this may be a good time for people now in their fifties and early sixties to make their views known on an issue that may well affect them down the road.

Although the major parties in Washington often seem at loggerheads and unwilling to give an inch on issues of major concern to Americans, it seems clear that discussion in Washington will continue until a resolution is found to the Medicare age debate. Neither party wants to alienate voters, and politicians are well aware that finding an equitable way to keep federal spending in check while addressing the needs of seniors is in their best interest as well as the nation’s.

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One thought on “The Medicare Eligibility Age Debate Rages On

  1. How much will be saved of congress gives up their free benefits or at least pay for half like the people have to do.

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