Nine Surefire Ways to Enrich Your Retirement

Long before retirement, you learned how important it is stir things up and add a few ingredients from time to time so that life won’t get stale.

That’s as true as ever during retirement. Adding new experiences and challenges to the mix can help keep you young, sharp, and full of anticipation.

If you’ve noticed lately that it’s time to spice things up a bit, here are nine tried-and-true ways to dust off any cobwebs, meet life head-on, and help your retirement experience to be as fulfilling as it can possibly be.

1.  Travel.

globe and buildings with plane ticketsWhether you set out for new places with your spouse, with a friend or group, or alone, travel provides as much stimulation as any other activity within your reach. Nothing gets you out of a rut better than seeing new places, meeting new people, and encountering new situations—and you do those things daily every time you travel.

What about posting accounts of your travel experiences online, or submitting travel articles to your local newspaper? Maybe you’re up for the challenge of studying a new language before heading overseas. Who says you can’t do that—and who says retirement is a time for being timid? Regardless of where you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t been yet … what better time than during retirement?

2.  Go back to school.

Why not? You can enroll at your local high school, community college, or university— or simply take an adult education course and learn a skill you’ve been wanting to pick up for years. Online courses are convenient and can bring valuable knowledge and opportunities, but the benefits of interaction—rubbing elbows with fellow students and teachers—are hard to beat.

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say there’s no reason for studying once you’ve reached a certain age. Maybe if they went back to school they wouldn’t say such a stupid thing.

3.  Teach.

Retiree TeacherIf you have a special skill or knowledge to pass on, check out adult education opportunities in your community. Or what about offering your services as a teacher of English as a Second Language to newcomers to the United States? Many cities and towns with substantial immigrant communities welcome the effort of volunteers who can help newcomers successfully settle into the United States.

If you’d rather be around children, visit a local public school to see how you may be able to assist teachers or be a guest speaker. Tutor a grandchild or a child in the neighborhood – or mentor a young worker in the field in which you used to work. Many people find teaching among their most rewarding activities. Besides, is it really fair to keep all that knowledge to yourself?

One thought on “Nine Surefire Ways to Enrich Your Retirement

  1. Write. Many people have done some unique things in their lives and will carry those moments to their grave if they are not preserved. It doesn’t have to be heroic or action filled. Many of the things they did as children will be interesting to today’s generation. Especially if you are a veteran or worked in a fading into history occupation, you owe it to your family to document you life for future generations.

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