Hurry to Plan that Special Senior Valentine’s Day

Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on you. If you haven’t started making plans yet, you’d better start making your plans for Valentine’s Day right now. Otherwise, you may have to start looking for a new sweetheart on Feb. 15.

In a recent post I offered five tips for a fun and stress-free senior Valentine’s Day. One of those tips was:

loving couple dancingMake arrangements early. Don’t get shut out by delaying. Make any reservations or purchases well in advance.

I went on to say: Once you’ve set your spending limits and made plans, it’s time to make whatever arrangements are necessary. Florists and restaurants are swamped with requests in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, and if you wait too long to make arrangements you may be out of luck. … If you’re planning something as simple as going to a movie, keep in mind that many other people are making the same plan for Feb. 14. Getting your tickets in advance is advisable whether you’re planning on a movie, a play, or any other attraction or event.

Whether  you followed that advice is probably evident from whether or not you’re sweating now. If you’re cool and dry because you’ve already made your Valentine’s Day arrangements, well done. But if you find you’re sweating just a bit as Feb. 14 nears, relax. You’ve still got time.

I’ve just traveled the country via the Internet, and I’m pleased to report that there are still opportunities to make reservations to participate in a variety of Valentine’s Day activities in many cities.

There are still opportunities to participate in or attend Valentine’s Day:

• Luncheons and Dinners

Restaurants around the country are offering Valentine-themed events. Though some are pricey, there are Valentine meals available at about $40 per couple in some locations. Of course, you can simply try to make a reservation at a restaurant you’d like to go to without worrying about special Valentine’s menus and prices, but don’t expect any violins or heart-shaped napkins if you do that.

• concerts and cabarets

Evening entertainment is big on Valentine’s Day. If it’s been a while since you were out for a show, why not catch some entertainment with your Valentine on the 14th?

• comedy club shows

Comedy is a form of entertainment most people don’t associate with Valentine’s Day, but what can beat a good laugh with someone you love?

• sweetheart runs

A fun run for couples was one of a few exercise-centered Valentine activities I came across. When you think about it, what better way is there to show your commitment to that special someone than by demonstrating your seriousness about keeping in good health and supporting his or her efforts to do the same?

These activities are generally for people of all ages. If you’re looking for a seniors-only Valentine’s Day event, you may want to start making arrangements to attend one of the many senior dances or balls taking place at dance halls, senior centers, and clubhouses across the country. Whether you have a special someone in mind or plan to go stag, these events are great opportunities to dust off your dancing shoes and have a fantastic time.

Check your community paper, bulletin boards, and the Internet for local Valentine activities before it’s too late—and have the time of your life on Valentine’s Day!

If you cannot find the Valentine event you’d like in your city or town…

Don’t fret. There’s still time to organize an event of your own. And if you go to the trouble of planning a fun Valentine’s Day activity and sending invitations to your friends, you may be amazed at the enthusiastic response you get.

Do something new. Don’t make it another potluck. Fire up your imagination.

What about …

• an evening of love song karaoke

Some people run away at the mere mention of karaoke, but many more seem to love the bright lights of the stage and the chance to croon into a microphone. Karaoke is a big draw at some senior centers, and you could make it a hit on Valentine’s Day.

• bringing the celebration to shut-ins

What better time than Valentine’s Day for you and a few friends to spread some good cheer to people staying in an institution?

• planning a game night for the grandkids or children in the neighborhood

This will result in priceless memories for everyone involved. Dust off those classic board games and teach the young generation that the best games existed long before computers were invented.

Valentine’s Day and seniors go hand in hand, so enjoy Valentine’s Day with that special someone—or that special group of friends—and let MedicareMall find the best healthcare coverage to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy many more happy Valentine’s Days!

Let us know how you’re spending Valentine’s Day 2013!


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