Five Tips for a Happy Senior Valentine’s Day

Although a lot of people seem to forget it as they age, there’s no rule that says celebrating Valentine’s Day is reserved for children, young lovers, and colleagues at the office.

Some couples continue with the formalities of exchanging flowers or chocolates through decades of marriage, but for most people Valentine’s Day seems to fall off the radar long before they become seniors.

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Valentines Day Calendar It doesn’t have to be that way—so circle Feb. 14 in red on your calendar. Let that special someone know Feb. 14 won’t be just another day this year. Seniors ought to enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day as much as anyone, and here are five easy tips to help make your Valentine’s Day celebration as fun and stress-free as it can possibly be.

Set your limits. Decide how much you want to spend. Be sure to stay within your budget.

Don’t spend $100 on a dinner out just because it’s Valentine’s Day—unless your budget allows you to do so and you think it’s worth the expense. For flowers, chocolates, or anything else you’re considering purchasing for that special someone, shop around. Don’t wait until the last minute, when other people have already snapped up the bargains. Simply decide what it’s advisable for you to spend, look for the best values early, and don’t be persuaded to overspend.

Make it memorable. Set your sights on doing something different. Create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Flowers and dinner out are nice, but they’re often forgotten within a month or two. Even if you’ve already been celebrating Valentine’s Day every year, make this year’s celebration one that stands out from the others. Rather than a movie, consider going to a play or concert. Instead of going to a restaurant you’ve visited a hundred times, consider trying something new. What about renting a limousine instead of driving the car? A horse-drawn carriage? A bicycle built for two? Whatever you decide to do, your memory of Valentine’s Day 2013 will be all the more special if it doesn’t simply blend into dozens of other memories just like it.

Make arrangements early. Don’t get shut out by delaying. Make any reservations or purchases well in advance so you and your partner won’t be disappointed.

Once you’ve set your spending limits and made plans, it’s time to make whatever arrangements are necessary. Florists and restaurants are swamped with requests in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, and if you wait too long to make arrangements you may be out of luck. Always ask about the cancelation policy when you call to make a reservation at a restaurant, and double check the prices, gratuities, and any other charges you may be responsible for before completing the reservation. If you’re planning something as simple as going to a movie, keep in mind that many other people are making the same plan for Feb. 14. Getting your tickets in advance is advisable whether you’re planning on a movie, a play, or any other attraction or event. Even if you’re certain you won’t have trouble getting a table or a seat in your city or town on Valentine’s Day, parking may be more difficult than usual and lines may be longer, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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