May Be Able to Help Your Company Save Thousands of Dollars a Month

How companies are getting smarter with their Medicare eligible employees and improving their bottom line.

Companies across the country are looking for ways to reduce business costs. Unfortunately, increased attention to the bottom line sometimes results in negative consequences to consumers.

Plenty of companies that bent on cutting costs over the years, for example, have managed to save money, but not without putting diminished or even inferior products in consumers’ hands.

At other times companies have reduced costs by trimming their workforce—and anyone who’s ever been fired or laid off knows what that’s all about.

Sometimes companies have no choice but to make difficult decisions that may impact negatively on consumers or workers. But, fortunately, some cost-cutting measures don’t have any negative impact at all. They simply save companies some much-needed money.

Did you know MedicareMall saves companies thousands of dollars a month—and can probably do the same for your company?

Group plan for your Medicare eligible employees

How can MedicareMall save your company money?

It’s simple. Your company probably shells out a great deal of money every month for your employees’ health benefits. Your workers deserve their health benefits, and they’re grateful for your company’s contribution.

What about the retired workers you’re continuing to provide benefits to? And, with an aging workforce, what about those who, aged 65 and over, are continuing to work? They depend on their health benefits, too, and they’ve worked hard to earn them.

Consider this:

Many of the workers and retirees receiving company health benefits are likely eligible for Medicare. Their current monthly health insurance premiums may pay hundreds or thousands for each Medicare eligible employee, with your company picking up half or more of the tab. If you have five or ten or twenty Medicare-eligible workers or retirees … well, you do the math.

The solution?

save key piggy bank and changeTake those who are Medicare-eligible out of your group health plan. Let Medicare be their primary payer.

But don’t stop there. As good as Medicare is, it was never designed to cover 100% of anyone’s medical care—and Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B) alone isn’t good enough for your valued workers and retirees. That’s where MedicareMall comes in.

Medigap insurance is designed specifically to fill the gaps in Medicare coverage—and that’s just what it does! Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (PDPs) offer further, valuable protection that your Medicare-eligible workers and retirees deserve.

MedicareMall shops the market for the very best, most cost-efficient Medigap and prescription drug coverage anywhere. Best of all, if your company pays half of the cost of enrollment in a Medigap plan and a PDP, your company can expect to make contributions of $200 or less per month.

Once again, do the math … and see how MedicareMall may be able to help save your company thousands of dollars a month.

Your Medicare-eligible workers and retirees will enjoy benefits equal to or even better than what they currently have, and your company can save big in a responsible way. It’s a win-win situation.

Contact MedicareMall now to learn about Medicare group plans that can save your company money!

How many Medicare-eligible beneficiaries are enrolled in your company health plan? How much do you figure your company would save if their coverage were switched to Medicare and Medigap? Leave a comment letting us know!

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