What are the Best 2013 Medicare Supplement Plans?

There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to that question. The best plan for you may not be the best plan for your neighbor, or even your spouse.

Medigap Plans on a ChalkboardThe ideal 2013 Medigap plan for you is the plan that offers the most coverage you’re likely to need at a price that suits your budget.

What’s the best place to start searching for the best Medicare supplement plan for you?

This question is easy to answer, regardless of your medical history, treatments or medical supplies you expect to need in 2013, or your budget.

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Plan Quotefinder

I’ve just paid a visit to MedicareMall’s Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Plan Quote Request Form, and if you’re searching for the 2013 Medigap plan that’s right for you I’d highly Link to MedicareMall.com Free Quote Request Formrecommend you do the same. In just a few minutes I was able to get all the coverage and cost information I wanted about Medicare supplement plans all the way from A to N.

Here’s a quick walk through using the Quote Request Form:

1. Under “My Profile,” select “Medicare Supplement Plan” in order to receive the latest Medicare supplement plan information. Then enter your zip code, date of birth, and gender, and indicate whether you’re a tobacco user or not. Non-tobacco users can usually expect lower quotes and rates than tobacco users.

After providing or confirming the name of your county, indicate whether you’re seeking rates for your spouse or housemate as well as for yourself. Then click “Next.” If you’ve indicated you want quotes for a second person, enter his or her date of birth and indicate whether he or she is a tobacco user. After entering information about your spouse or housemate, click “Next” again.

2. Enter your first and last names along with your telephone number and the email address you’d like information to be sent to.  Then click “Next.”

After submitting your contact information, you’ll see a message indicating that the rate information you’ve requested has been emailed to you.

3. Go to your email “inbox,” open the email you’ve received from MedicareMall (titled “Your Quote Request”), click as indicated to view the rates you’ve requested, and instantly you’ll find rates offered by the leading companies for all the Medicare supplement plans available in your area. You’ll also find details about coverage, co-payments, coinsurance, and more to help you make the most informed decision possible about which Medigap plan seems the best match for you. A MedicareMall representative will phone you shortly afterwards to help you determine which plans and companies you qualify for. Insurance companies apply their own underwriting practices, and your MedicareMall representative will help to make sure you fully understand your Medigap options.

Different companies will quote different prices for the same Medigap insurance plan.

You’ll notice this immediately when you look over the rates you receive after making your quotefinder request.

Insurance companies are required by law to provide the same benefits for the same Medicare supplement plan. Medigap Plan A, for example, has to provide the same benefits regardless of which company you buy it from. However, companies are permitted to apply different pricing guidelines to their sale of Medicare supplement plans—and do they ever!

MedicareMall’s Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Plan Quotefinder tells me, for example, that a 65-year-old male non-smoker living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will pay anywhere from $102.65 to $211 per month to enroll in Medgap Plan A. What he’ll pay depends on the company he chooses—and MedicareMall couldn’t make comparison shopping any easier.

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