Social Security Disability — Vital Information and Key Tips

Now that we’ve examined Social Security Disability Insurance in some detail, here are seven Social Security Disability tips to help increase your chances of being awarded SSDI benefits.

While my intent is to provide the most useful, up-to-date information about SSDI, please note that I am not offering legal advice, nor am I an attorney or advocate.

Helpful Tips

  1. Don’t delay filing your claim. Remember that processing of claims for SSDI normally takes three to five months, and you won’t want to wait any longer than necessary to receive any benefits you’re due.
  1. Provide all the information and documents you’re asked for. This applies equally whether you’re filing your claim for SSDI benefits or are preparing for an appeal or a hearing. Although certain sources suggest that some applicants’ SSDI claims are awarded without careful review, don’t forget that most claims are denied. Although you may be awarded benefits without providing everything you’re asked to provide, you don’t want to be among those later judged as having been improperly awarded SSDI benefits. Enhance your chances of success and minimize your chances of difficulties later on by providing everything the Social Security Administration asks you to provide.
  1. Meet every deadline along the way. Not only will careful adherence to deadlines speed up your case, it will also minimize the chance you’ll have to start again from step one. If there’s a chance you’re not going to be able to meet a deadline or make an appointment, be sure to contact the Social Security Administration as soon as possible before the fact.
  1. Don’t stop seeing your doctor as soon as you’ve filed your claim. Your doctor will be your best ally in your quest to receive and continue to qualify for SSDI benefits. Communicate every symptom and every concern to your doctor, who will be the one to document your condition, disability, and inability to engage in Substantial Gainful Activity.
  1. Don’t go unprepared to any hearings. Take every step of the appeal process seriously. Make as strong a case as you can for any benefits you ought to get.
  1. Consult a disability lawyer or advocate. No, you don’t need representation unless your case goes all the way to federal court, but having representation with a proven track record when it comes to SSDI claims and appeals can certainly work in your favor. On the other hand, having representation without top knowledge and successful experience in disability cases may not help at all. If you decide in favor of representation, you’ll definitely want to ask some hard questions in order to determine you’re getting representation that’s likely to help your case. If you choose to present your SSDI claim without representation, making an appointment and getting sound advice from a disability lawyer or advocate can help strengthen your case.
  1. Keep the Social Security Administration informed of any changes in your condition or circumstances relating to your case. This is your responsibility. If anything happens that may affect your qualification for SSDI, don’t simply wait for the Social Security Administration to find out about it. Stay ahead of the game by being informed—and by keeping the SSA informed about matters substantially affecting your case.

Remember, I’m offering no legal advice here, nor am I an attorney or advocate. I’m only trying to help keep you informed about your SSDI opportunities and responsibilities.

To be better informed about where you stand with regard to Social Security Disability, be sure to get a free SSDI evaluation by disability professionals. If you’d like more information about Social Security Disability, give MedicareMall a call today and a qualified MedicareMall agent will be happy to answer your questions!

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