Social Security Disability — Vital Information and Key Tips

Do I need a lawyer or advocate to file an SSDI claim?

GavelWhile the average person is more than capable of filing a claim by visiting the local Social Security office or by applying by phone or online, many individuals encounter serious difficulties in applying for and receiving disability benefits. Far too many people wait for long periods only to learn their claims are denied. Representation with successful experience in SSDI cases can be a great help in ensuring you avoid mistakes and don’t find yourself–as many SSDI applicants unfortunately do–in “appeals limbo.”

How can I minimize the chance of delays or even rejection?

Follow every instruction carefully. Make sure you provide every bit of documentation that’s requested. You can also save time by having such documents as your birth certificate, naturalization papers, tax forms, and military discharge papers ready to submit. Start by going over the Disability Benefits Checklist to see what documents or information you may be required to submit with your claim.

Carefully following instructions may be all it takes to prevent you from being among the over 60% of Social Security Disability applicants whose claims are denied. The Social Security Administration has paid out a record amount in SSDI benefits this year, and providing all the information and documentation you’re asked for will greatly increase your chances of getting the benefits you’re due without delay.

To be better informed about where you stand with regard to Social Security Disability, be sure to get a free SSDI evaluation by disability professionals. If you’d like more information about Social Security Disability, give MedicareMall a call today and a qualified MedicareMall agent will be happy to answer your questions!

What’s your best tip for avoiding delays in processing an SSDI claim? Please leave a comment below.

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