Social Security Disability — Vital Information and Key Tips

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a lifesaver if you’re disabled, unable to earn a certain amount of money, and eligible to receive SSDI benefits.

If you’re disabled and planning to apply for SSDI, some tips will follow to help you make the most of your Social Security Disability opportunities. But first, here’s some background to put things into perspective.

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security CardSSDI is a payroll-funded program to supplement the income of people unable to work due to disability. For an individual to be eligible for SSDI, the disability must last for at least a year or be terminal. The disabled individual must also be under age 65 to be eligible, as 65 is normally the age of Medicare eligibility.

To be eligible for SSDI, individuals must have accumulated a prescribed number of Social Security credits (normally accumulated through work experience and payment into Social Security) during the 10 years immediately preceding disability. Requirements vary according to age, and those suffering disability before age 23 may be able to draw on their parents’ Social Security credits without affecting their parents’ eligibility for SSDI.

Does any disabling condition qualify me for SSDI?

Generally, yes, as long as all other requirements are met. The Social Security Administration has a list of medical conditions that automatically qualify as disabling conditions, but other conditions are equally acceptable as disabling conditions if SSA determines they are as serious as conditions on the list. The same requirements apply whether you suffer from a condition on the list or from an equally serious condition not on the list.

To be better informed about where you stand with regard to Social Security Disability, be sure to get a free SSDI evaluation by disability professionals.

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