Grandparents Week – A Salute to the Anchor of Two Younger Generations

As we come out of Grandparents Week 2012, this is the perfect time to congratulate grandparents everywhere.

Grandparents are the anchors of at least two younger generations populating the earth now, and a lot of the seeds grandparents have planted – and continue to plant – are going to continue bearing fruit for many generations to come.


How did Grandparents Week come about? Well, it’s an extension of Grandparents Day, which dates back to the Carter Administration and which this year was celebrated across the United States for the 35th time since its inception in 1978. This year, in proclaiming September 9, 2012, as National Grandparents Day, Pres. Obama declared:

Throughout our history, grandparents have guided their children and grandchildren through trial and triumph. For many of us, our grandparents were among our earliest teachers and caregivers. They have added immeasurably to the strength of our families, and with compassion and wisdom, they have enriched our lives with the stories of those who came before us. On National Grandparents Day, we give thanks to those who helped raise us and pay tribute to a generation that still inspires us toward brighter horizons.

The President went on to say, “Our grandparents set the course of an American century.” He was referring to the 20th century, but it’s safe to say that grandparents living now have also set our nation’s course for the 21st century.

While not officially recognized, Grandparents Week is a logical extension of Grandparents Week. Individuals and organizations galore recognize that a single day per year is hardly sufficient time to give special recognition to grandparents who’ve made such an impact on the past and whose contribution is sure to make such an impact in the future. There are plenty of suggestions out there about how to stretch Grandparents Day activities into a week, and they often focus on bringing the generations together in order to strengthen and serve communities across the country.

The United States isn’t the only country to celebrate some form of Grandparents Day annually. The secret has been out for a long time: The contribution of grandparents everywhere ought to be recognized and celebrated – and MedicareMall is proud to salute all the grandparents among us!

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How did you celebrate Grandparents Day this year? Leave a comment letting us know!

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