Seven Reasons Not to Put Off Seeing Your Doctor

“I don’t really have a physician of my own” … “Doctors just create problems in order to ‘cure’ them” … “I know my own body better than any doctor does” … and on and on and on they go.

CaduceusExcuses, excuses, excuses. Some people just don’t want to go the doctor. They may reconsider when they can’t get over a hacking cough or when an ear infection won’t go away, or when they throw out their back by lifting something the wrong way. But they refuse to take advantage of Medicare-provided services that can help them feel better and possibly even save their lives. That’s a shame – because being in the dark when it comes to your health can’t possibly do you any good. To the contrary, it may well lead to serious health problems that might have been solved easily if detected early, and it’s almost certain to cause a great deal of stress.

Here are the top two reasons not to put off seeing your doctor.

2. Back to stress.

Not knowing whether you’re really as healthy as you feel can be stressful. Far more stressful is not knowing what the problem is when you’re not feeling quite right. Just knowing the status of your health in a way only your doctor can reveal is almost certain to result in stress relief.

That’s important in and of itself, but did you know stress is the cause of many health-related conditions? The list of conditions that stress can aggravate is too long to list here, but you’ve got the picture. Stress is one of the worst inhibitors of good health – mental or physical. Anything you can do to relieve it – practicing relaxation techniques, exercising, enjoying a hobby … doing whatever works for you – is vital to your overall well-being. But the very best way to lift stress may be as simple as monitoring your health through regular medical examinations.

1.Your Grandkids

The most important reason to go to the doctor doesn’t even concern you … at least, not directly. What’s even more important than your health and well-being? If you’re like most seniors, you’ll probably agree that there’s nothing more important than your grandkids and your children who’ve brought them into the world. If you’re reluctant about going to the doctor for your own sake, do it for your family’s sake – and if it’s been more than a year since you last had a checkup, start arranging to do it now.

Regular visits to your doctor go hand in hand with your Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan in helping ensure prevention of cancer and other serious medical conditions. Remember, early detection and treatment can save your life!

Contact MedicareMall now and we will see to it that you get the healthcare coverage you need.

Have you ever been determined not to go to the doctor? Leave a comment letting us know what changed your mind!

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