In much of the country, fall can be the best time of year to avoid crowds, take in spectacular scenery, and find deals you’re sure to love.

Following, in no particular order (they’re all great places to see) are seven travel destinations you can’t go wrong visiting this fall.

Space Needle


The US News list of Best Affordable US Destinations places Savannah highest among all cities and towns in the United States. If you’ve ever been to Savannah, you probably know why. If you’ve never been there, here’s some of what you can expect.

Do you love great southern cooking? In Savannah you can get your fill of fried chicken, meat loaf, barbecue, freshly-caught seafood and more–and often at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in some of the larger southern cities.

Few places match Savannah’s vibrant mixture of old and new. You can find trendy cafes and shops in or near historic areas, and you can enjoy the nightlife right in the midst of good old southern hospitality. Why not take a short drive to the beach before going on a trolley ride and taking some museums and entertainment you’re not likely to forget?

Though Savannah’s attractions are very affordable, consider saving some money by staying at a hotel outside the historic district. Staying just a few miles away can save you plenty while keeping you close to the action. And if you visit Savannah in fall, chances are you’ll enjoy nearly perfect weather.


You probably won’t be surprised to learn the Huffington Post has named Seattle the most popular city  in the United States. What probably will surprise you is that US News has named the Emerald City the sixth best affordable destination in the United States, and fouth best among cities of any size.

The grandeur of the Pacific Northwest is well known, and within easy distance of Seattle you have almost everything nature could offer. The view of Mt. Rainier looking down on Seattle is spectacular. The nearby beaches, islands, and mountain trails are stunning. If you’re a camper–well, you’ll be a happy camper in the Northwest, and you won’t have to travel far from the city to enjoy some of the best camping spots you’ll ever see. Check Seattle Magazine to find a list of great Seattle-area campgrounds.

Of course, the city itself is a thriving metropolis with great food of every kind and plenty of activities for everyone. There are theaters, nightclubs, and museums that cater to every taste, and accommodations are very reasonable in areas surrounding the city. Though traffic in and around Seattle can be heavy, public transportation is more than efficient and will get you around with ease. As a result, you may want to save the driving for excursions to the spectacular countryside.

Whichever destination you have in mind for your fall excursion, your Medicare supplement insurance plan will help provide the security you need for a stress-free vacation. Bon voyage!

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