Two of the “hippest” cities in the United States are Austin, Texas, and Reno, Nevada. It just so happens that both of these thriving cities are also great fall travel destinations.

Austin Texas-The Capitol


Austin–the state capital located in the heart of central Texas–likes to market itself as something other than a typical Texan city. “Keep Austin Weird” is a slogan many residents and establishments in Austin try to live up to. If you visit Austin, you may find a little weirdness, but not much more than you’ll find in most places. What you will find, though, is a laid-back atmosphere second to none.

Austin is known for its many live music venues, and on any given evening you can take in a great range of musical entertainment along Sixth Street, probably the best known street in all of Texas. Sixth Street and downtown Austin are close to the University of Texas, and most of the music venues and Tex-Mex eateries are priced for students–which is great news for you. Overall, Austin is one of the most affordable larger cities in the United States.

While in Austin, you’ll want to visit the nearby Texas Hill Country, which offers spectacular vistas of the sort many people don’t usually associate with Texas. You’ll probably also want to make the 75-mile drive from Austin to San Antonio, home of the Alamo and Riverwalk. San Antonio appears on the US News list of Best Affordable Destinations, and will make a great side trip destination from Austin.


Reno is known locally and nationally as “The Biggest Little City in the World.” As the nickname suggests, this city of under a quarter million has something to offer just about anyone.

Though best known for gambling, Reno is a gateway to the outdoors. Opportunities for hiking and climbing at all levels can be found near the city.

You can go skiing as early as mid-November at Lake Tahoe and other nearby ski resorts. Going in the fall well before the holiday-season crowds can save you a ton of money and ensure you’ve got plenty of elbow room on the slopes. Accommodations should be plentiful as well, and you’ll be in a great position to save big by planning to take your trip well before December.

Like Las Vegas, Reno prides itself on offering reasonable accommodations and a range of activities far beyond gambling. Casino hotel rates can be surprisingly low–and whether you choose to gamble or not is up to you.

Whether or not you decide to spend a little time on the casino floor, you definitely won’t want to gamble with your health care. A Medicare supplement plan can make it easy to eliminate the gamble by filling the gaps in your Original Medicare coverage. Happy and safe travel!

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