In much of the country, fall can be the best time of year to avoid crowds, take in spectacular scenery, and find deals you’re sure to love.

Following are more travel destinations you can’t go wrong visiting this fall.

Colorado in October


The Huffington Post recommends Colorado as a fall travel destination, and I couldn’t agree more. Colorado is spectacular any time of year, but costs in autumn typically fall from summer levels, especially in the off-season before ski resorts open. And if skiing is something you want to do, the best time may be in fall well before the holidays and crowds arrive. Colorado ski resorts often offer promotional deals allowing you to enjoy skiing in November for far less than you’d pay later in the season.

Your Medigap coverage is something you’ll be glad you have should something go wrong on the ski slopes. I’m pulling your leg there–though not about the importance of being covered by a Medicare supplement plan, which can help keep you protected anywhere in the United States. Whatever you choose to do in beautiful Colorado–rafting, hiking, camping, taking in the blazing fall colors, or enjoying world class cuisine or pro sports in Denver–Medigap coverage is something you’ll want to take with you.


Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Island is a small island in northern Michigan. It’s located in Lake Huron between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, and the only ways to get there are by boat, by small plane, or (if you’re a big fan of Ice Road Truckers) by driving a snowmobile over an ice road.

Since we’re talking about fall travel and not winter, you’re strongly advised to make the crossing by boat or plane. Snowmobiles aren’t noted for their flotation.

Taking a ferry is the easiest way to make the short crossing to Mackinac Island. Don’t plan on taking your car along, though, because cars are prohibited on the island.

You can get around Mackinac Island on foot or by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage. Or why not rent a horse and circle the island? The fall scenery is spectacular, and the sunsets are stunning.

One thing you absolutely won’t want to miss is the locally-produced fudge. Mackinac fudge has earned a reputation nationally, and for good reason. You may not want to tell your doctor about it when you return home, but if at all possible don’t deny yourself this treat!

Mackinac Island can burst at the seams with tourists during the summer months, but in fall you’re sure to find plenty of elbow room and some great deals. Enjoy!


This summer I drove through New York State’s Catskill Mountains, and the views were unforgettable. During the fall, the views are sure to be even better!

The Catskills–located in southern Upstate New York and extending close to the state capital, Albany–are dotted with small, scenic towns offering a variety of entertainment and cultural activities, accommodations ranging from bed and breakfasts to stately hotels, plenty of antique shops, and festivals at a reasonable cost. Towns you may want to check out include Hunter, Tannersville, and (located right on the southern edge of the Catskills) Woodstock–the latter of which I’m sure you recognize … and maybe you were even there yourself nearly half a century ago!

By all accounts, the Catskills are a great place to unwind and relax. After all, Rip Van Winkle fell asleep in the Catskills and didn’t wake up for twenty years!

What’s your favorite fall travel destination? Leave a comment letting us know!

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