Music Therapy for Enrichment

If your brain is in perfect working order, is it still possible that music therapy could benefit you?

Plenty has been written about music therapy as a means of combating mental conditions or disorders. Evidence is piling up that music and music therapy can help restore memory and certain aspects of brain function.

Senior Listening to Music

According to a report on Tuscon’s KVOA-TV about music therapy and the healing power of music, the answer is yes. The report states that up to 75% of visits by seniors to primary care physicians are due to stress-related complaints, and music therapy would be beneficial in many of those cases.

KVOA’s Senior Style contributor, Gale Morgan, spells out various ways music therapy can help reduce the stress that contributes to so many primary care visits. According to Morgan, music therapy can help patients deal with their emotions. It can also lead to improved sleep patterns. Morgan says music therapy can help reduce both short-term and chronic pain.

Morgan supports the growing belief that music and music therapy can improve memory and cognitive abilities, and can play an important role in helping seniors maintain good overall health.

Given all the positive reports in recent years on the therapeutic properties of music, it’s hard to argue with Morgan’s recommendation that seniors start and end their days with music. Music is widely viewed to help improve awareness and tension, and even to increase mobility and coordination. Even for seniors not suffering from specific mental conditions or disorders, it seems apparent that music may contribute positively to overall quality of life. If you suspect music therapy may be able to enrich your life in some way, why not talk it over with your doctor? After all, if Morgan is right, such a discussion with your doctor now may eliminate the need for a lot more visits to your doctor later.

If your doctor recommends music therapy for you, Medicare, including Medicare supplement insurance and Medicare Advantage, can help cover the costs.

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