Gardening for Your Health

If you thought your gardening days were best left behind you, it may be time to reconsider.


Gardening is definitely a hobby that any senior wanting to stay sharp and active ought to consider. According to the Victoria, Australia, government’s Better Health Channel, here are just a few of the health benefits of gardening that seniors can enjoy:

    • Helps you maintain mobility and flexibility
    • Encourages use of all motor skills
    • Improves endurance and strength
    • Helps prevent osteoporosis and other diseases
    • Reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation


Being out in the fresh air attending to such a pleasant task as gardening in and of itself has to be considered a plus health-wise. Throw in the social aspect when you garden with a group of like-minded people – or a grandchild – and you’re likely to enjoy the benefits of interaction. Staying healthy isn’t normally a task one ought to go about alone.

If you’re inclined toward growing edibles, factor in the quality – health-wise and otherwise – of what you can grow in your own garden compared to what’s available in the average supermarket. Are you tired of tasteless tomatoes? Are you concerned about the possible effects of pesticides? If you haven’t eaten healthy, home-grown produce lately, maybe it’s about time you did!

Of course, there are other health considerations you ought to keep in mind. You probably shouldn’t take an all-out, backbreaking approach to gardening.

Pace yourself. Take frequent breaks. Drink plenty of water. Don’t get too much direct sun exposure, especially in mid-day. Be sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen for protection.

You can purchase modified tools and equipment at some garden centers and hardware stores. Tools that are lightweight and help you minimize bending may be exactly what you need to avoid the pain and stiffness that discourage many seniors from gardening.

For certain types of gardening, you can use vertical planting or raise garden beds to make the beds easily accessible without too much bending or stooping.

Maybe the easiest way of all to make senior gardening a breeze is to have your grandchild – who’ll probably be as excited about gardening as you are, and maybe even more – take the lead in performing any gardening tasks that may be difficult for you.

In fact, once they taste those fresh, homegrown vegetables you bring to your next family potluck or reunion, there’s a good chance your whole family will want to get involved!

Along with a medicare advantage or medicare supplement plan, gardening can be a great addition for a healthy lifestyle.

Do you partake in the benefits of gardening? If so, please leave a message below telling us how gardening best benefits your health – along with any tips you may wish to share!

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