Delicious Homemade Ice Cream for Diabetics

Ice Cream For Diabetics

Homemade Ice Cream

Sure, homemade ice cream is great, and a sure bet for having fun with grandkids. But what if you’re diabetic, or at risk, and ice cream hasn’t been on your radar in years?

Well, look again. Even if you’re diabetic, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy making ice cream with your grandchildren. What’s more, there’s no good reason you can’t enjoy eating it.

The typical homemade ice cream recipe calls for use of milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and flavorings—but did you know you can substitute other ingredients for some of these?

That’s one of the great things about homemade ice cream. The best concoctions are often the result of experimenting … fiddling … seeing what happens when you add a touch of this or a touch of that. Sometimes you change ingredients because you want to. Other times you have to. Obviously, the latter case applies to recipes for ice cream for diabetics. Sugar certainly isn’t going to work. You don’t really need the eggs, either.  discusses the result of experimenting with Splenda as a sweetener for homemade ice cream.

On a  later post   the same site offers a successful recipe for diabetic-safe strawberry ice cream using strawberries, eggs, cream, yogurt, and a hand blender instead of an ice cream maker. People needing to avoid eggs certainly can use egg substitute in their place. You may need to do a little experimenting yourself to determine how to make ice cream that’s healthy and to your liking, but the key point here is that having diabetes doesn’t need to mean you’ve enjoyed ice cream for the last time. In fact, if you go out for a brisk walk with your grandchildren while you’re waiting for your latest batch of homemade ice cream to settle, you can even make the argument that homemade ice cream is doing you a world of good.

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If you have any suggestions about how to make homemade ice cream that’s delicious and healthy for anyone including diabetics, won’t you share them with us? Leave a message below and let us know what experiments have worked for you—or what homemade ice cream experiments you’d like to try!

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