Food for Thought: Ice Cream

How easy is it to make Homemade Ice Cream?

Ice CreamWhatever type of machine you use, if you decide to get an ice cream maker you’ll get used to it and learn how to make ice cream quickly. If you eat ice cream regularly, chances are your machine will pay for itself before long. estimates the cost of making two quarts of homemade vanilla ice cream at $3.24. That’s a pretty good deal. Consider what you’d pay for two quarts of vanilla ice cream at the supermarket, and $3.24 sounds even better. Of course, you can pay a few dollars more for fresh strawberries or whatever other flavorings you like. You can control costs to a large degree, but the best thing is you’ll know exactly what’s going into your ice cream—and your grandchildren’s.

Do you and your grandchild like strawberry ice cream best? If so, click here to see how easy it can be to make. Do you prefer to keep things extra simple? Click here to see how. There seems no end to the resources available online to those who want to try their hand at ice-cream making. There are plenty of tips online to make sure you don’t go wrong—and I for one know it’s nearly impossible to go wrong when it comes to making ice cream.

Let me speak from experience. I’m not one of the best cooks you’re likely to meet. I may be one of the worst. Even so, years ago I bought a small (one-quart) ice cream maker, the sort that does all the work for you. It didn’t require ice or rock salt or anything other than the ingredients you were using in your ice cream. I kept it simple—milk, cream, eggs, sugar (though not too much), and simple flavorings. Green tea powder was one of my favorites. Sesame powder was another. I’m not one to experiment in the kitchen—something usually goes wrong when I do—but I don’t think I’ve ever gone wrong making ice cream. And every time it beats the pants off the ice cream I’m offered when I’m invited to someone’s house for dinner.

You heard it here. Fun with grandkids starts with making ice cream. It’s a great way to beat stress and take your grandchildren back to a simpler time. During the wait times you can take the grandkids outdoors  or think of some great ways to have fun with them inside. And then … the reward—homemade ice cream!

 Continue to Part 3 for information about ice cream for diabetics.

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