What You Should Know About The Health Care Reform

Health-Care-ReformWith the deciding vote of Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., the Supreme Court upholds President Obama’s historic health care reform law.

This means that all the Medicare provisions WILL stay intact and the law, for the most part, will continue to roll out as planned.

Summarized below are some of the specific benefits that Medicare beneficiaries will continue to enjoy with the Supreme Court’s decision:

  • Medicare beneficiaries will continue to save on prescription drug costs as the Part D “coverage gap” or “donut hole” gradually closes until it is eliminated in 2020. Due to this change and the 50% discount on brand name drugsMedicare beneficiaries currently receive while in the coverage gap, nearly four million beneficiaries have saved more than $2.1 billion on prescription drugs in the past year alone.
    • Medicare beneficiaries will continue to enjoy cost-free preventive services for most of their Medicare preventive benefits and screenings. Since January of this year, over 14 million beneficiaries have received at least one preventive service without cost-sharing, according to a recent announcement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
    • Medicare beneficiaries will continue to have access to several new preventive health benefits, including: an Annual Wellness Visitcancer screenings, smoking cessation counseling, and obesity screening and counseling.

Some additional benefits that affect a broader spectrum of the population include:

  • People will continue to get coverage through the federally funded Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP). Currently 55,000 people nationwide, who had been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions now have coverage through the PCIP.
  • Millions more people will be able to qualify for health coverage through their state’s Medicaid program.
  • Young adults age 26 and under will continue to receive coverage through their parents’ insurance. Currently 2.5 million young adults are receiving such coverage.

This is a big step for the United States of America. This new plan will be affecting every American for many years to come, and hopefully (I said hopefully) for the better. MedicareMall would also like to be a better change for your future. Our licensed professionals are waiting to answer your every question and give you your best possible quote. Just contact us now for your free quote.

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